Best Of The Web: One-Night Stands & Pregnant Men!


Plus beer goggles, love triangles and pot-smoking celebs.

According to someone or other, it's Love Yourself Week. I have no way of verifying that but it sounds nice. Have a great week and love thy self.

Jessica Wakeman (from The Frisky) honors Love Yourself Week with a flowchart. Essentially, to 'bate or not to 'bate. In the same vein as "If someone asks you if you're a god, you say yes," if the question is to self-pleasure or not self-pleasure, always lean towards good times. Does Masturbation Count As Sex?

WOW! Asylum has reason to be very careful when expelling any fluids: pregnant men. Evidently, some dude held back during sexy time like a thousand years ago and they thought it gave him a baby in one of his testicles. Oregon Man Is Pregnant

And on to casual sex. Em & Lo ( have a must-read how to negotiate a safe and enjoyable one-night stand. As part of any good negotiation, you gotta aim high and get talked back to a middle ground: Ladies, demand multiples. Guys, request a video of the thing. 

Casual sex generally starts with a little piece of eyewear called beer goggles. College Candy explains the phenomenon and how it's more a problem for ladies. What? Ladies make really bad decisions when boozing it up? New Plan: Give Your One-Night Stand A Gift

On the topic of substance abuse, Nerve has a list of the ten sexiest pot-smoking celebrities. I'm done reading that site if they don't add Zach Galifianakis in an addendum.


On the opposite end of stoners, Betty Confidential wonders aloud if dating is harder for smart ladies. I'm guessing that smart broads are just more impatient of dummies than smart guys BUT smart guys are probably more likely to be socially retarded. Is Dating Harder For Smart People?

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