Community: How Much Information Is Too Much?


I once accepted a Facebook friend request from someone I worked with periodically. My news feeds thereafter were never the same. This woman would post countless statuses with such gems as: “After a session like that, I wish I smoked. Wink, wink. Oh wait a minute. I was smoking.” I hate puns and I really didn’t need to know that she had just had hot sex. Like certain Facebook statuses and wall comments, online dating profiles can share way too much information as well. Here are divulgences that I found online and that are truly unnecessary:

1) I’m down to my last 20 pounds. Congratulations. Thousands of singles looking for love online are happy to hear that you have a handle on your eating disorder. Sooooo, what now? Can we look forward to updates on a drinking problem next? Inner Beauty: What Men Don't Tell You

2) Just out of an abusive relationship and reluctant to get into another. Thanks for sharing your victim mentality with the world of online daters. If you’re reluctant at this time, would it be okay if abusers contact you in, say, 6 months or so? Would that work?

3) Got a cute tattoo in my private spot. You mean the private spot that you’ve just described to thousands of strangers? That private spot?

4) My best friend is my dog. Correction, your best friend is the delete button.  Animal Aphrodisiacs: Do Pets Help Us Date?

5) Don’t want drama. I have an ex for that lol I know I’ve said that less can be more but, in this case, you may want to explain what you mean by drama. For instance, is it “needs a lithium drip” drama or “hang ups when you pick up the phone” drama?

6) 5'11", 195 lbs, own teeth, good hair, no need for 'relationship'!! “Relationship” drugs”. Thanks; the euphemism makes it much classier.

Just for the record, neither number 5 or 6 is laugh out loud funny. Even advertisers keep some of the more gory details in fine print. Just read a pharmaceutical ad. This isn’t to suggest that you hide the truth or lie by omission but it is suggesting that you show some discretion. No matter how often you might go onto a dating site and see the same people online, they’re strangers. You need to be discerning.

When advertisers give away too much, we perceive them has having less value. The same is true for you. If you give away too much, specifically – personal details, then you start to look cheap. This is yet another reason why you should hire a professional online dating profile writer (me) so that you can maximize your chances of success.  

For help with your online dating profile, check out the samples or fill out the free personality quiz at It won’t stop you from saying too much but it will help you focus on the more important traits to reveal.