Theres something about costumes that happens to turn all men on, but one
in particular is the schoolgirl. Ever since we saw Britney Spears we
have been infatuated with schoolgirl costumes. There is something about
the innocence of being young and in school mixed with the sheer lust of
sex that makes it one of the most attractive costumes that a girl can
wear in the bedroom. Whether it is your girlfriend or the woman youre having an affair
with, there is no doubt that costumes definitely add a little something
to your bedroom games. If you find a costume in your wife’s things that
you have never seen then either be ready for the night of your life or
start looking for others signs of infidelity.

Sometimes costumes can lead a man astray. If hes bored with his sex life
and finds a girl who feels more adventurous and fun, and perhaps has a
schoolgirl costume, it’s enough to cheat on his girlfriend just for the
sheer excitement. So ladies, perhaps its time to invest in a costume
and gentleman, perhaps it time to coax your lady into making the
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