Who Is Jennifer Aniston Dating?

Jennifer Aniston
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Because the status of Jennifer Aniston's love life is like the air we breathe.

With Jennifer Aniston's new movie, The Switch, premiering tomorrow, the single girl poster child is back on the gossip world's front burner. And that means it's time for another round of everyone's favorite game (say it with us): Who's Jennifer Aniston Dating? Jennifer Aniston Mocks Her Love Life

Showbiz Spy is reporting that Jen has finally decided to date outside the fame circle, citing sources who claim that she's "madly in love with a wealthy, European banker." These "insiders" quickly filled in the blanks of the Anonymous_Source_Template.doc to issue statements like, "I've never seen her look as happy," and "She looks like a changed woman. It took her years to get over Brad leaving her." Please. While we think Jennifer dating a civilian would probably be the best thing for her, we're just not buying this story. Mostly because Showbiz Spy got this info from Ian Halperin.

Much more believable, and certainly more disgusting, claims come from Star Magazine, which has Jen getting back together with John Mayer. Celebitchy wraps up the main points of this story with a nice little red bow:

Jennifer and John reunited after they spent "months" reconnecting on the phone, having "deep talks," and after he "wooed her with gifts." Finally, Aniston gave it up when he sent a private jet for her to come meet him in New York. They met at the Four Seasons in New York, and John serenaded her as he strummed his guitar. And they ordered room service too. Apparently, he apologized for being a jerk, etc. She’s been wearing the Rolex he allegedly gave her, and a source says, "No one’s seen Jen this happy in a while."

However, our best guess is that Jen is single right now and absolutely fine with that. In fact, we heard that "someone" saw her buying a diamond-encrusted turkey baster at Williams-Sonoma just the other day, and supposedly she's never looked so happy. Jennifer Aniston & The Turkey Baster: Expecting?

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin.