More Reason Why Guns & Weddings Don't Mix

Why guns and weddings dont mix

In Turkey, a wedding goes wrong when an AK-47 is involved.

From the files of the ultra-weird and unbelievably irresponsible comes: more deadly wedding gunfire.

For the most part, gunplay and weddings only intersect when some ne'er-do-well puts a baby in a farmer's daughter and the farmer, out of a sense of honor and not wishing to feed an extra mouth, persuades the charming mountebank to the wedding altar by way of the business end of break-action Winchester 410 model 37. Is A Shotgun Wedding Right For You?

But some cultures use guns like someone from South Cackalacky uses fireworks: for a celebration, b*tches. From Appalachia to Mexico to Iraq and not much beyond that, some people use gunfire to signify joy. And why not? It makes noise and is sort of phallic, it's like Mardi Gras! But, unlike Mardi Gras, guns and booze don't mix. Why Guns And Weddings Don't Mix

With that PSA complete, the most recent wedding + guns = bloodshed equation occurred in Turkey. It went down like this: a bridegroom, fresh off the altar, celebrated by rattling a few rounds out of his AK-47. The weapon, invented by Russians but featured on the flag of Mozambique, is a fully automatic rifle that can do a lot of damage in the hands of a trained or untrained individual. And this individual, per Gather.com, was likely of the untrained variety, spraying down guests when he lost control of the rifle. His dad and two aunts were killed and several others were wounded.

Now I'm not sure how halal drinking is at Turkish weddings, but here's some logic for you: drinking + weddings = fun, drinking + guns = not a great idea, therefore, weddings + guns + drinking = seemingly fun but a really bad idea. The Turkish government isn't delighted by the practice either and is making moves to outlaw it.

Not Fun Fact: In the past, wedding parties in Afghanistan, also in favor of shooting wildly in the air, have been attacked by NATO airplanes because they thought they were under attack.

Semi-Fun Fact: Because of air friction, a regular bullet slows down enough that it, if shot straight in the air, wouldn't have enough to velocity to go through your head on the way down (it would still be traveling about 200 MPH). Still, a really bad idea to try.