The Number One Thing We Get Wrong About Men

man holding a poster of question marks to show mystery

What do men want in a relationship? Women get this answer wrong all the time.

As women, we can spin ourselves into tizzies trying to embody what we think men want. There are entire segments of the media (ahem) dedicated to the topic. But guess what? The answer isn't so complicated as we often think.

It's no surprise that men like beautiful, smart women. You say she's into sports? Even better. Men love looking at these women, talking to them, dating them. But—in terms of long-term love—it's not enough to be a bombshell, to be hilarious, to be a female version of a man. Ultimately a man wants to be with a woman who makes him feel as no one else does: cherished, trusted and loved unconditionally.

Sound familiar? In other words, what men want from a relationship isn't so different from what women want. So says the wisdom of LA-based dating coach and author Evan Marc Katz, who has been helping singles find love since 2003. Katz's clients pay upwards of $120 an hour for his real, no-nonsense advice, so Katz decided to condense his know-how into an eBook for women called Why He Disappeared ($47, including the eBook, audio and special bonuses).

Katz's goal in writing Why He Disappeared is to help women understand how men think and feel, which in turn will help women better understand how their own actions are interpreted while online dating or on a date. Katz draws from experience with his own marriage and clients to help women demystify dating, and find and keep a man who fulfills them.

For a taste of Katz wisdom, check out one of his recent videos "Men Are About Feelings, Not Looks," which explores why men and women alike break up with seemingly "perfect" packages. Bottom line: if you don't make a person feel loved, it doesn't matter what else you have going on, it won't make him/her happy in the long run. You'll see why we're such big Evan Marc Katz fans around the YourTango office.

For more about Evan Marc Katz and to find out how to connect with him, visit his ProConnect page. And buy his Why He Disappeared eBook package.