Live Your Life

Live Your Life

Are you constantly feeling guilty about something?

Are you constantly feeling like you must check your back?

Are you wondering if anyone likes you?

Me neither.

Its important to remember how amazing you are. Its important to remember that at least ONE PERSON out there loves you so much that they’d die for you. Its important to remember that you may not know that person right now and if the moment arose, they’d come out of the blue and save your life.

No one is making this relationship for me. I am doing it myself and I have a lot of help. I love taking moments to reflect on my life. I DID ask my partner’s lover what was working for her in the relationship that I am experiencing with my boyfriend. I gave her room to express herself - and she did. Honestly. She said she felt resentment, and jealousy or envy - either or, something between the too.

I wept - not in front of her, of course. I was too busy being empathetic and listening to her. (What?) I spent a few hours going over everything she said and realized “I’ve never had so many people involved in my relationship, A, and B, having a negative response to it.” (She’s not the only one offering up her two cents).

My feelings were hurt and OF COURSE THEY WERE. And here’s the deal, its not her issue and I really need to develop that its no one’s issue about what goes on in my relationship.

Or my life.

Or yours.