I am determined

I am determined
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Dear Dr. Romance

I happen to be going through an extremely difficult time in my life
right now.  My husband was unfaithful during the time that I was
"absent" from the marriage due to my mother dying from brain cancer
Of course, there were problems long before this and this was just a
major symptom of our problems.  We are trying to work it out, but we
are two people with problems of our own as well as our joint problems. 
We are both in individual therapy as well as couples therapy, but I am
always open to other points of view.  I am struggling with self-esteem,
self-confidence issues  right now, so I am anxious to read your book It Ends With You 

I am determined to make a better life for myself no matter what
happens to my marriage...easier said than done....and I need all the
help I can get.  I'm sure I will be reading your books and visiting
your website often. 

Thank your for all your efforts to help people like me.

Dear Reader:

I'm sorry you had to experience the loss of your mother. 
Congratulations on deciding to make your life work despite what anyone
else does. It Ends With You is just the right book to help you.  To help you find better balance in your relationship, read "Letting Go Takes Love"  You might also like to see the articles on my website and at  Divorce360.com. My column there includes many guidelines on recovering from infidelity, repairing your marriage. Including "3 Tips to Know when to Get Out of your Marriage and File For Divorce" and "Want To Stay Married? Here's How To Ask For What You Need"