Girls, make a first step.

Girls, make a first step.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you made the first move... Sure, all girls are used that guy asks them out or introduced themselves first. But lets break  tthis tradition let do it like I did:
I was after a break up with my ex-boyfriend and decided to find some activities to kill the pain in my heart. so i went to dance lessons. There I met Andrew. As i was used to, I started conversation first which was a good move because later i realised that he was one of those shy guys. 
As time passed by we became friends. I started to sympathise him and one night at dance party with other dance-collegues he suggested to lead me home ( because it as like 01,00 am and neigborhood was not so friendly) with all friends. 
Near my house happened something I never thought I could do. I kissed him from out of nowhere. I never thought i could do this because i was total romantic, always dreaming how guy makes a first move. After that everything went smoothly. 
Few weeks after I asked him if he wants to be in serious relationship and he agreed. ( last month he confessed how he wanted to ask that but was afraid of rejection) Now we are unsepperateable, and love each other.

So, i guess we should throw away some of our traditions like as lots of women says: "Wait for our prince charming". because he could be near, and you wont even notice while waiting for something magical to happen.


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