You are a TREASURE...


Sometimes we forget in our every day life what that really means, to be the treasure.
Its not about roses and cards and material things. Its about being appreiciated for who we are. You dont have to change to be loved by someone else. That person should look within you and see you as you. Acccept you for all your quirks be them good bad or indifferent. It doesnt matter if your married or newly single or just starting a new relationship or heck in long term complicated not sure where the heck your going with it relationship, but the bottom line is relationships are hard and its about give and take and being treated with respect, and honer and dignity and remembering your the Treasure. And if someone cannot see you for that or treat you the way you deserve then you should remove yourself from that relationship.

You never know what you are going to end up with but I have always stated you cannot judge a book by its cover. Sometimes you  have to dive in and start reading it chapter by chapter and the longer your around that person the more chapters that are going to be discovered and created even by the two of you. Relationships are never easy. But again never give up yourself or what you believe in to be in that relationship. Sometimes we all put so much into looks , financials, status etc....that we forget to look past all the fluff and see whats inside that person across from us. Is he what you really want? Does he treat you the way you deserve to be treated? Remember we are the Treasure and if someone cannot see us for that then they are not worth our love.

I am no expert by no means on love and relationships but I know where I have been I know where I want to be. I have learned I am not a job or how much money I make, I am not a house I am not a truck. I am a loving person that deserves to be treasured for all the things I can offer that is so much more than material things.

So for all of you please remember you are the treasure...This is for guys too. Never be taken for granted follow your hearts and love truly. Take chances but never judge that book before opening that cover and really discovering whats inside, you might just miss out on your treasure...