Best Of The Web: Manscaping & Cheating


And where wedding planning and fantasy football meet.

It's another weekend and that means it's time for exploring what the rest of the internetting has to say about love and/ or relationships. It's Friday the 13th but I'll try not to make this too spooky.

The inimitable Em & Lo ( summon their man panel to discuss what it means when he's masturbating more often than you guys are sexing. For the most part, he's not necessarily tired of your vagina, just tired. Beating Is Cheating? Seriously?

Remember that "gentleman" who ducked a fouled-off baseball and it made sweet, beautiful music with his lady? Per Guyism, that relationship is over. I suppose "bad boy " probably doesn't describe a guy who lets his lady take a hot one for him. On the other hand, he's not a grown man who brought his glove to a game.

And over at The Daily Beast, a step-by-step guide to tell if he is cheating. Fine, it's mostly just statistical correlation about who is most likely to cheat. Frankly, I thought that small town-dwellers had fewer things to do and largely relied on booze and sleeping around (that's what the film Mystery, Alaska led me to believe). Is He Cheating On You Financially?

A quick Foxworthy moment: if you're man is shaving 'round his hangdown, he might be cheatin'. My homey Nando (@ has a guide to cleaning up a dude's nethers.

What could be sexier than a bathtub full of discarded pubes? Almost anything. But The Frisky has a lesson on how to eat sexier. Barbeque sauce on your shirt is a good start. FDA Says Coffee Not An Aphrodisiac

Unwanted pregnancy is certainly less sexy than a sink full of crotch 'fro. Café Mom has a nice piece on how a vasectomy can make your love life better. 

Speaking of spicing it the eff up, Leftos has 25 reasons to bail on a bo-ring relationship. Reason #26: the sweetest you've done for him in months was not criticizing him for his failure to maintain quality erections. 

And when you decide not to call it quits, eventually you get married. And only you can stop annoying wedding trends. Lemondrop breaks down the annoyingest. Good call on the cash bars, bad call on the horniness. Let's end the chicken dance too. 2010's Most Questionable Wedding Trends

Our homeys at The Plunge have a little trick for you to appreciate wedding plan it: fantasy football. Be careful not to question your spouse's manhood on some message board when you put one over on him during the planning. 

Ever not have a date and bring a friend to a wedding? It's not an admission of defeat, really. College Candy discusses the merit, relative and otherwise, of being just friends with the opposite sex. I just happen not to believe in friendship. 

Remember that woman who pretended to quit with notes on a whiteboard? It was kinda cute right? Well she's back with Ask Men and has ten top signs that she is faking it. By "it" they mean an orgasm. Sign 11: She's telling you how much she's into what you're doing using signage. Why You Shouldn't Fake An Orgasm

Over at the Huffington Post, a Laura Trice discusses a scared-straight tactic for ladies who love married dudes. They're not all Don Drapers, ladies. Some of them are misogynist sociopaths who dominate their profession but have deep, vicious mother issues and no chance of ever being happy with one woman. And some are Don Drapers.

Any links I should hit next time?

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