Down on Everything


I have been alone all my life...I hate it as much as I love it. I am a 22 year old malewho doesn't have much potential for anything other than music. I don't find myself ugly in anyway to the public eye, but to myself I am nothing..I hate being alone (especially now) because things in life are just awful and have been for years..I am not asking for pity because I can handle my own problems. But it would be nice to have someone there to talk to and have there with you AT TIMES. I dont have a hard time talking to women to get myself a girlfriend. The thing is, when someone is always around I could see myself getting annoyed or constantly thinking back to being alone and how I DESERVE being alone. As much as I would like to have someone to love, I really don't think it will ever happen due to my mind set..If anyone can throw some input my way, please do...


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