Thirtysomething Woman Launches "Project Husband"

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Meet Lisa Linehan, the 35-year-old who has picked her dress, date and venue, but yet a groom.

Lisa Linehan, 35, is getting married on February 15, 2011.

Most of the wedding's details are already set—she's picked out the venue, chosen a DJ, and narrowed her gown possibilities to four lucky finalists. There's just one thing missing: the husband-to-be. Lemondrop: 9 'Uber' Bridal Trends Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Will Launch

Lisa, a singer-songwriter, has neither a fiance nor a long-term boyfriend. She intends to find her soul mate through what she's calling "Project Husband," a venture sponsored by Dallas's local CW affiliate. She's even written a song about it—"I Want to Get Married"—which you can hear in all its glory after the jump. Lemondrop: "Will I Ever Get Married?" Yes, But Beware These 5 Facts

"I am an independent person who would like to be married, and this situation is just a different way of going about it," she says. "It's not entirely different from 'The Bachelorette.' It's more honest, and it provides more time, and it's more organic in many ways."

Fair enough, although even Jayson Blair looks honest when compared to "The Bachelorette." Still, we were intrigued by Lisa's kinda-clever, kinda-crazy mission. We called her up to learn more about Project Husband. And whether this is all really an elaborate plot to birth a reality show. Lemondrop: Setting Deadlines For "I Do"

Lemondrop: What made you decide that you had to get married next year?

Well, I was at my friend's wedding in New York City in February of this year, and I thought to myself if I planned my wedding a year in advance, then I would have to get married. It was a really clear thought in the middle of the day as we were all getting ready for the ceremony. And I think it's also partially because I was about to turn 35, and I started thinking that I'd like to start a family with someone.

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Written by Hillary Busis for Lemondrop