Menstrual Cramps Mess With Your Brains

woman sitting on bed with abdominal pain cramps
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Painful periods can change a lady's brain to some degree.

You know how some people think that PMS is a hoax and an excuse for some women to behave like real horses' asses for upwards of five days per month? There was an episode of Roseanne about it, prompting a young Tommy Miller to ask, "Why would she be so moody once per month?" Breaking down sitcom walls aside, ladies' menses have been a source of confusion to men for decades, if not eons, and a source of iPad jokes for months. 

At any rate, MSN tells us that menstrual cramps may plague women with more than just mild to serious lower abdominal pain. Researchers in Taiwan conducted brain scans using advanced brain scanning apparatuses on 64 women, half with moderate to severe menstrual cramping and half with little to none. What did they find?

The gray matter of the women in the two groups was notably different, even when the uterine contractions were not taking place. The brain "abnormalities" occurred in the part of the brain that is believed to modulate pain, regulate emotions and govern the endocrine system. So basically, women are forced to experience intense aches, emotional distress and hormone irregularities every single month. Sounds like a bad visit from Aunt Florence to me.

The real rhubarb to this theory is that, rather than acclimatizing to the discomfort, the brain changes may make a woman unusually sensitive to it. Yes, a real bummer. Red Alert! Warn Your Man PMS Is Back

The best quote of the piece (and this is out of context to a large degree) is from professor Karen Berkley: "Taken together, those... studies point to the fact that this continual cyclical pain in women is not unimportant." I couldn't agree more. So guys? Be nicer. And ladies? You're on the honor system.

Sort of makes you wish Eve would've paid that old snake no mind and left the apple alone. I kid.