The Duggars Are Open To Having More Children

The Duggars are ready for more children

After nearly losing 19th child, baby Josie, The Duggars still won't rule out having kid number 20.

The Duggars' crazy talk has landed them on the cover of People again, pushing big stars Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts to the sidebar. A proudly beaming Jim Bob stands next to his zombie wife Michelle, who holds in her arms new daughter Josie: The baby who nearly didn't make it after spending six months in the hospital following her premature birth. The baby who was born while Michelle developed the life-threatening condition preeclampsia. But despite all the struggles they've endured during this latest pregnancy, the Duggars say that they're "ready for more." 

Jim Bob says, "Our family is stronger than ever. We made it through the storm...People think we are overpopulating the world. We are following our convictions."

As if it isn't hard enough to take anything a guy named Jim Bob says seriously, he has to spout this nonsense?

Look, we're not here to belittle anyone's religious beliefs. But, at this point, the idea that the Duggars are just "following their convictions" sounds like a lot of hooey. Even some of the most devout Baptists and Catholics will use the rhythm method or abstain from sex during ovulation, to avoid ending up with dozens of kids. And do the Duggars not recognize their hypocrisy? They'll leave it up to God to decide when they will be blessed with a child, but didn't let God decide Josie's fate. No, they put her life in the hands of the best doctors money could buy. Sooo...Michelle can benefit from the miracles of modern science after a baby's born, but popping a pill or getting her tubes tied would be against God's will?

It's beginning to look a lot like the Fame Monster is the Duggars' true god. As long as Michelle's baby factory keeps pumping, she and Jim Bob will continue to make headlines and keep their home on TLC. And calling their show 19 Kids and Counting pretty much puts them in a position where they're obligated to keep having kids, lest their ratings drop and their 15 minutes end.

Based on some comments and discussions going on around the Internet, it seems that a lot of people think that the Duggars actually have an addiction to having children, or are child "hoarders." Certainly sounds plausible. What do you think?

Photo: People Magazine cover.