Why Rachel Bilson Won't Be Mrs. Christensen

Why Rachel Bilson Won't Be Mrs. Christensen

Was boredom behind Rachel and Hayden's broken engagement?

When Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen got cozy on the set of 2008's Jumper, we were all, "Yeah. That makes sense." And when they announced their engagement in February of the following year, we were all, "Duh. That totally makes even more sense." And when they announced they were taking time off back in June, we were all, "That totally makes even even more sen—WHOA. Hold the phone. So…what in the what now?"

Sadly, their time off to reflect did not make their hearts grow fonder. Rachel's rep just confirmed the couple are officially splitsies for realsies: "Yes, the engagement is off, therefore, so is the wedding" (And yes, that is our lower lip that's doing the about-to-cry quiver.) Moonit's got the recap on how this break turned into a permanent fracture.

According to their birth date analysis, Hayden (born on April 19, 1981) and Rachel (born on August 25, 1981) have the potential for "domestic bliss," but Moonit warned them back in June to not "let it bore them to tears." Their romantic assessment says they can, "go for days without arguing, and they rarely fight."

Wait, that's good, right? Well, sort of. While their overall agreement level can make for some fun times, we're going to put them on the spot: "what happened to the spice, the fire, the ripping each other's clothes off with reckless abandon that they were all about in the very beginning?"

Because these two "generally see eye-to-eye," it's easy to "put their relationship on autopilot." As a result, they're likely to have "great careers and financial successes," but it's only because "there isn't much 'action' to distract them." Since their relationship is "all about the status quo," they might be "tempted to stray...before they go looking for love in all the wrong places, they ought to take try injecting a little romance back into their partnership."

Given the high boredom factor, they should have used the summer separation as a chance to dust off their libidos. Back in June, Moonit suggested that they "deep-six any conversation about work, money or family matters, and get creative." And the relationship therapy didn't stop there: "now's the time to climb out of your comfort zones and jump into some spontaneity. Sign up for a salsa night and then heat up the massage oil. A little adventure will do you both wonders. You'll find that the two of you are a lot more compatible in the bedroom than you're giving yourselves credit for."

Sad! They should have taken that advice to heart.

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