Facebook Stalking


Lyz gives the low-down on Facebook stalking and why she loves chicken nuggets.

Welcome to Lyz on Love: Your cheat-sheet to everything you need to know about love and relationships on the Internet. I also like to call it Project: Make Sure Lyz Can Never Run for Public Office. Not like I ever stood a chance, but I like to keep my options open.

Each week, I am going to round up the best articles and a video from across the web on a particular topic and this week I am talking about Facebook stalking. A subject near and dear to my heart, since I am also YourTango's Facebook Ninja. (I am working on getting business cards that say "Facebook Ninja.) All that title really means is I get paid to stalk my old sorority sisters on Facebook while I eat ham sandwiches. 

Facebook stalking is always negative, a few times it's even led to love. Check out the video and the links below to help you Facebook stalk your way into a new relationship.

Here are the links, suckers. I know you have nothing better to do than read these awesome stories:

A woman logs into Facebook and discovers her husband is married to someone else. SUCK. (Lemondrop)

Nineties R&B star Tyler Collins is Facebook stalked by a fan and this leads to either 1) a restraining order 2) marriage. (The Frisky)

One woman Facebook stalks her ex and finds peace. (YourTango)

 Finally, dudes hate Facebook. Seriously. (YouTube)

What do you hate about Facebook? Let me know!