Reggie Bush Still Wants Kim Back, Kim Says

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Reggie's drunken pleas for Kim to take him back somehow ended up on TMZ!

Exes Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush attended the wedding of Reggie's New Orleans Saints teammate Bobby McCray last month, and after a heated, drunken confrontation during which Reggie tried to repair their relationship, bodyguards had to separate the two. And this news is breaking a month after the fact because...hey, Kim's on the cover of Life & Style this week! AGAIN!

TMZ reports that Kim and Reggie got to talking at the reception after Bobby and Kim's friend Khadijah Haqq tied the knot in L.A. July 17. Reggie was apparently enjoying some adult beverages and eventually became "aggressive due to drunkenness." Unspecified bodyguards—his? Hers? Drew Brees and Jeremy Shockey?—separated them and around 1 a.m. called cabs for both to head home. Since then we've learned via sources (who are definitely not Kim Kardashian!) that Kim is so very in love with her new man, Dallas Cowboy Miles Austin, and Reggie is prostrate with grief and loneliness, like a young, speedy Jennifer Aniston whose college just sent back his Heisman Trophy. And also he's a sad, angry drunk. Allegedly! The Reggie Bush And Kim Kardashian Breakup

This is getting kind of ridiculous, right? The manufactured drama of Kim Kardashian's life? We're sure it's no coincidence that the fifth season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians begins Aug. 22, so how much do you want to bet that Reggie's all-consuming obsession with Kim will be Storyline Number Two, right behind how Bruce Jenner is freaking out—inwardly, because his face doesn't move—that he's apparently incapable of keeping daughters Kendall and Kylie off the pole? Because it's not like Reggie has a career or a life of his own or anything. He's just a much better looking and less serial-killer-seeming Scott Disick, a prop for the Kardashian sisters to project their dramz onto and text incessantly while getting their teeth bleached. Justin Bieber Fans Want Kim Kardashian Dead

Sigh. We are powerless before the machine that is Kim Kardashian Inc. It's an empire built on extensions, bronzer, Spanx, a complete lack of personal boundaries and, of course, a big ass and a sex tape. And it is America.

Via TMZ. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.