Love Recipe to simplify your life


They are guaranteed to simplify your
life and make is easier for you to hold on to yourself.

1 CUP Identify Your Values

1) Make a list of your top 10 values...love, honesty, fun, freedom,
intimacy, $$, family; whatever they happen to be.

2) Prioritize your list. Put at the top of your list those values that
are the most meaningful to your fulfillment.

3) Write your top 3 values on a sticky note.

4) Place the sticky note on calendar that you refer to when scheduling your

2 CUPS Commit only to the opportunities and events that are in
alignment with the values on your sticky note.

I know what your thinking. But Michelle...

What about those other things I value and want

Important things won't get done

If I don't do them no one else will

But, I should...

But, they will be upset, offended, hurt.

I have only one response...NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!!

Your top 3 values will add to your life, will enrich your experiences, will
bring you new vitality and a surge of creativity that will ensure your success,
while empower you to love more deeply and give more freely. 

Now that's a recipe for success. 

Love yourself enough to be true to you!!!


Because you will have aligned with who you are meant to be and this is the most
loving gift you can give to yourself, your loved ones, and the world. These are the months to choose wisely, practice discernment and engage in over
the top self care so that you can be an expression of love. 

Think about this with me.

Remember those times...When you over commit yourself, your kids, and over
commit to your clients,

When you said yes to invitations,

When you did things you know you did not want to do

Now ask yourself...

Were you fully present to enjoy and create meaningful connections OR
were you so tired and resentful of the loss of your freedom?

Were you able to give and receive: love, compassion and serve your
clients in a way that was truly valuable OR was your heart closed and were you
left feeling more alone, isolated and unfulfilled or upset and discontent?

Committing your time, your energy, your gifts&yourself just because you were invited, because you can't say no, and worse yet, because
you are placing more value on the requests and feelings of another person is
nothing more than a recipe for strained, depleting and unsatisfying

Follow this love recipe and enjoy meaningful connections