Is January Jones The New Jennifer Aniston?

January Jones

In an all too familiar interview, the actress complains that dating is hard.

In the past 2 months, January Jones has been linked to so many men (Adrien Brody, Bobby Flay, and Jason Sudeikis, natch) that we started to think that she was the new Kate Hudson. But, after reading January’s latest interview in Tatler Magazine, we think we’ve figured it out. She’s actually the new Jennifer Aniston.

Let’s consider the evidence. January is the star of a hit TV show, who already is looking to leave and start making movies. Despite Mad Men’s popularity, she told a reporter earlier this year that the 4th season could be the last and that she was a "firm believer in quitting while it’s hot." (We’re going to assume that she meant quitting while she’s hot and is able to get feature film offers.) Like a certain someone we know, January has her sights set on becoming a movie star.

Although January insists she isn’t necessarily interested in dating any thespians, she seems to have gone out with her fair share, including SNL’s Jason Sudeikis, who, surprise surprise, has also been linked to Jennifer Aniston recently. (Let’s just hope it’s not another love triangle. We don’t think Jen could handle that.) January Jones Moves On To SNL's Jason Sudeikis

"I’m in and out of town and I’m not surrounded by anyone but actors, so it is difficult especially for a small town girl who’s not necessarily looking for another actor," January revealed in the September issue of Tatler, reports Hollyscoop.com.

You know who also finds it hard to meet men? The ex-Mrs. Brad Pitt, who told Extra last year that, "I think it's just hard to date. It's not like we're kids." Speaking of exes, January Jones is not above talking about her famous ex, Ashton Kutcher, who reportedly didn’t think she was going to make it as an actress when they were dating. Although instead of taking the wronged-woman, poor me position that Jennifer Aniston seems to have perfected, January Jones isn’t afraid to express any repressed anger and actually told Ashton off in GQ (accompanied by photos of her looking extra sexy, of course.)