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Proposition 8 is ruled unconstitutional and house wives in Russia are crazy.

This week, Proposition 8 was ruled unconstitutional. And while some may cheer and some may shake their fists, the reality is that this week marks a huge change for marriage in America. How do you think this week's ruling will change traditional marriage in America? We'd love to hear your opinion. Without further ado, here are this week's links.

If marriage really is about love, then what's all the fuss over Prop 8? [HuffPo]

William Duncan of the Marriage Law Foundation argues that the very definition of marriage is "one man and one woman." [NRO]

A woman discovers on Facebook that her husband is married to another woman. Facebook sucks sometimes. [Lemondrop]

What's the hardest year of marriage? I hope the answer isn't every year. [The Frisky]

Rich Russians use their wives to hide money. I can think of worse things that could happen in a marriage. [DoubleX]

Proposed to in the Wal-Mart mayo aisle? That's greasy. [Lemondrop]

One husband argues that his opinion doesn't matter and neither does the opinion of most husbands. I think the fact that my husband still has his collection of Kirby Puckett Wheaties boxes is evidence to the contrary. [The Hubby Diaries]

Do you want a house husband or a stay-at-home-husband? This lady does. [The Gloss]