Could your pictures on facebook cause distrust in

Could your pictures on facebook cause distrust in
Heartbreak, Self

With the advent of facebook, cheating has become a lot more difficult to
do. People are constantly uploading pictures and tagging others and
often times you’re in the back of peoples photos without evening
knowing, so you could be making an online confession
with out realizing. Also everyone is friends with everyone so
inevitably someone will see something or read something that will get
back to you or your girlfriend. But going back to the pictures for a
second, should you go through your girlfriend’s pictures? While I’m
inclined to say yes because if shes your girlfriend odds are she has
nothing to hide, but what if other pictures make you upset and doubtful?
Often times girls go out with other girls and just because they are
having a good time doesn’t mean that theyre cheating on you or having
some sort of sordid affair, but it will get you thinking on what happens
on those famed girls nights out... to read the rest or comment

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