Does Your Relationship Have Room For Infidelity?

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Larry King Live takes on infidelity.

On a recent episode of Larry King Live, Alexandra Wentworth—author of The Wasp Cookbook—hosted a very special episode on fidelity.

Our guests: Bethenny Frankel, angular star of Bethenny Getting Married; Holly Hill, Aussie writer of Sugar Babe; and Sarah Symonds, pixie-haired founder and bosslady of Mistresses Anonymous.

The topic at hand: fidelity: for or against.

For my money, the more the merrier.

Bethenny Frankel, go:

Basically: Frankel has been cheated on in the past, and believes that any infidelity is a sign that you're with the wrong person. Hill, meanwhile, based her entire book upon the idea that making room for infidelity in your relationship will make it last longer. And—on behalf of unhappily marrieds everywhere—she actually marketed herself as a mistress-for-hire to married men across the web. Finally, Symonds's site is a support group for past mistresses who have been jerked around one too many times by those very same infidelity-happy husbands. Quite the eclectic group.

The question Wentworth poses is: should some relationships have a gray area when it comes to infidelity, as long as it's been discussed ahead of time? Keep Your Guy By Letting Him Sleep Around!?!!

My questions to you are: Why do you think fidelity has become such a big issue these days? Are we less religious and more fluid in our morality? Are we more pragmatic about certain things? Or has rampant Draper-esque infidelity been going on forever? Has technology made it easier to cheat and get caught?

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I would NEVER cheat on Bethenny. She seems like she could be really scary when wronged.

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