5 Jersey Shore Dating Tips We'd Actually Use

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Here are five ways to help you find love by acting like the cast of Jersey Shore.

Last Thursday, we and 5.3 million others welcomed back our favorite fist-pumpers—only this time they're GTL'ing on the shores of Miami. If the premiere was but a slice of the upcoming guido cake, we're bound to love this season even more than the last. There's just something about the abnormally tan cast that keeps winning us over time and time again. 

Rolling Stone recently sat down with the cast in a tell-all, bare-all interview that got us thinking: Can we take away some of their seemingly outlandish charm and make it work for us? Below, our favorites quotes from the cast that underscore why we fell for "Italy's finest," jam-packed full of insight that just might score us a date or two.

1. Send out good vibes like The Situation.
"I had so much confidence because of all the steps that I had done and where I'd come from. Maybe some of the other people were unsure about what was going on, but when they'd go to me, I was like, whoooooosh, and that was it."

The only thing Mike "The Situation" wears better than aviators and muscle tees is confidence. And you know what? It's so sexy. Having confidence let's the people around you know you're secure with yourself and comfortable in your own skin. It helps to attract the right kind of people—no grenades. When you love yourself, the better the chance someone else will, too. How To Date With Confidence

2. Snooki doesn't get heated, and neither should you.
"I really don't care what people have to say about me. As long as they're talking about me... that's a good thing."

This goes hand-in-hand with being confident. No matter where you go, you're bound to run in to someone who doesn't accept you for who you are. But who cares? The only opinion that matters is your own. When you're focused on other people, you're not focused on yourself, and guys don't want to have to constantly build you up. Then again, if a close friend of yours has something to say, like, "Lay off the jello shots before you get arrested for disorderly conduct," or other seemingly good advice, then perhaps you should listen. It doesn't have to inhibit you, but it's worth listening to if the words come from someone who cares about you. 5 Ways To Stop Being A Needy Girlfriend

3. Find a beat like DJ Pauly D and stick to it.
"For me, I take DJ-ing very seriously, and I don't ever want to cheapen that brand. I will not do a club appearance, I will not do a wing-eating contest, I will not do anything but DJ."

Nicely said, Pauly D. When you find something you're passionate about, don't let it go. Pursue it wholeheartedly, and in its true nature, because that passion represents a piece of yourself. We all want someone with interests and goals. We also want someone we can depend on, and sticking to your guns is a sure-fire way to communicate you're dependable.

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