UK Vicar Jailed For Sham Weddings


Green card marriages get an English reverend in big trouble.

Chances are, if you've lived in a big city or spent much time overseas, you've bumped into a foreign national and thought, "Goll darnit, you should be able to stay here in America. Maybe we should get married." Generally, the thought is fleeting, because getting married for a green card is something that happens largely in unimaginative sitcoms and romcoms with a chip on their shoulder.

But perhaps that sham isn't as passé as we thought. Per Reuters, a Vicar in the United Kingdom has put on 383 fake marriages over the course of the past four years. Why? The Reverend Alex Brown had a scheme in which he would arrange for Africans and Eastern Europeans to get married to locals for $4,700.

The fuzz got suspicious because several of the couples were said to have lived in the same home, and 90 of the couples had an address on the road that the church was on. In a detail you'd expect from a Guy Ritchie film, the disorganized criminals got a little clumsy, and married the same person twice in a day, or had a wedding called off only for one participant to be married again a month later.

Naturally, the Reverend Alex Brown maintains his innocence, and says that he perceived he was marrying everyone for the right reasons OR someone had a baby on deck BUT he was a little suspicious in instances when the age difference between some newlyweds was pretty Copper Canyon-esque. Sounds specious on this end, too. 14 Worst Reasons To Get Married

Would you ever marry to get someone in the country? Is this the worst reason to get married? Or is a lost bet the worst reason?