The Pregnant Transgendered Man Gives Birth To #3

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But leaves the breastfeeding to his wife, because why would he want to mess up his post-op?

Thomas Beatie, whom the world first met in 2008 as the pregnant man seated on Oprah Winfrey's couch, has given birth to his third child. And his wife Nancy couldn't be happier... happy in spite of the fact that she'll be the one up all night on nursing duty. Oregon Man Is Pregnant


You see, even though Nancy (who reps the traditional femme role in the relationship) is unable to carry a child due to a hysterectomy, she is able to breastfeed through the help of lactation-inducing hormones. She does, after all, still have her breasts, something her husband had removed years ago during his gender reassignment surgery.

Speaking of which, turns out that Thomas decided to forego what's called by "transmen" as "bottom surgery." So while Thomas Beatie is legally a man, he remains equipped with working female reproductive organs down below. And my oh my has he certainly been using them over the last three years. Their newest addition joins sister Susan (25 months) and brother Austin (14 months).

Says a close family friend about the baby: "He's got light brown hair and blue eyes. He's very handsome and adorable, and he's big and healthy."

"They're staying private right now and spending a lot of time at home getting to know him. It's happy bliss. They're soaking up all the love."

That's good news, as doctors were previously unsure if a transgendered man who had undergone hormone therapy would be able to bear a healthy child. Turns out he could, three times over, and without pain medications to boot! 

Nowadays the biggest health concern for the Beatie's was making sure they got his contractions counted correctly: "It was a very quick labor," says the source, "He nearly didn't make it to the hospital and almost had him in the car!"

Wow, maybe for the next one the Beatie's should plan on a water birth. That way they could be besties with Supermodel mommy Gisele Bundchen, who has something to say on the subject. Gisele Breastfeeds And Demands You Do Too

Hmm... Do you think splitting of the care and carrying of the infant makes having multiple children in sucession easier? If only we could get men to start lactating! Can I Find Love If I'm Transgendered?

Scoop via RadarOnline. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.