Is quitting the right thing to do?

Is quitting the right thing to do?

Dear Dr. Romance: 

I need your advice. at my workplace when I was hired one of the
colleague asked me what is your age I remember casually I said I am 38
,I did not even had a hint of what was going on. after a month people
were celebrating some bodies birthday and then I came to know that they
write every bodies age on a calendar and they celebrate the
milestone(10's) ,that sent me into spin; now this year as per calendar
I am 40 but really 41 and some how I happen to avoid the celebration
and took vacation but when I came back right after 2 weeks I was
surprised they arranged my 40th ,I am feeling so embarrassed and hurt
you don't have a imagination, I had no idea a casual answer will land
me into this situation, now I don't feel like eating or going to work
neither I want to quit this job, this is vey good job. people can
really see the disappointment on my face also It is not easy to admit
this  stupidity it really will hurt my image what do you suggest to
help me.I am very down to earth,humble person.I have learnt my
lesson.Is there any way out of this mess, is quitting is right thing to
Dear Reader:

I understand that you are embarassed that you said you were one year
younger than you are, but I don't see why it's such a big problem. 
What is hurtful about this? You're making a very big deal out of a
small problem.  Either decide to tell the person who arranges the
birthday celebrations that the date is off by one year, or let it go. 
It will be nine more years before the topic comes up again, and you
might not even be there.  It's only a mistake, not a crime.  Of course
it's not necessary to quit your job.  It's up to you whether you
correct the mistake or not.  No one will be upset.  Please read my
article "Your Primary Relationship"  which will help you to take better care of yourself.

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