5 Fabulous First Daughter Weddings

Tricia Nixon's wedding

Let's take a look back at some of the most memorable first daughter weddings.

Chelsea Clinton wed longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky this weekend, and the event followed in a long line of first daughters' weddings that have fascinated the entire nation. Here now are five of those girls, whose trips down the aisle were the most memorable. Chelsea Clinton Is A Married Lady!

1. Jenna Bush Hager - Details were few and security was tight for Jenna's wedding to former White House aide Henry Chase Hager on May 10, 2008. The bride wore an elegant organza Oscar de la Renta gown for the outdoor ceremony at the Bush family's Crawford, Texas ranch. About a month later, then-president George Bush hosted a reception for the newlyweds at the White House.

2. Tricia Nixon Cox - On June 12, 1971, Richard Nixon's eldest daughter Tricia married left-leaning Harvard law student Edward Finch Cox. Tricia had always been very private, so it was surprising when she opted for a large, glamorous wedding in the Rose Garden—the first and only wedding to take place there. Tricia's wedding was featured twice in Life magazine, due to Tricia's camera-friendly face, stunning Priscilla Kidder dress and the "royal" feel of the ceremony. Unlike her younger sister Julie (who, also to the public's delight, married an Eisenhower three years earlier), Tricia was never very involved in her father's political career, and soon faded from America's spotlight to enjoy life as a stay-at-home mom.

3. Alice Lee Roosevelt Longworth - The only child of Theodore Roosevelt and his first wife, Alice was something of a hell-raiser. Long before it became acceptable for women to do, well, a lot of things, Alice did what she wanted. She smoked in public, partied all night, gambled and even owned a pet snake. Alice was so popular, that her February 1906 marriage to Ohio Representative Nicholas Longworth was all the public could talk about. As Doug Wead wrote, "Speculation over details and other non-news items pushed the ground breaking construction of the Panama Canal off the front pages." But the wedding didn't provide as much gossip as the couple's married life did. While Nicholas had a reputation as a playboy, it was Alice who really got tongues wagging when she bore a child fathered by her lover, Idaho Senator William Borah.

Photo: Co Rentmeester/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images