The Modern Take On Marrying A Rich Man

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Why it's smart for women to marry money.

I'm not saying you're a gold digger, but maybe you should be, say the authors of "Smart Girls Marry Money." According to co-writers Elizabeth Ford and Daniela Drake, blindly following your passion for that guy at the coffee shop without considering other factors first could leave you single and not so well-off later in life. Lemondrop: How The Washington Post's Money Maven Went Broke (At 31)

And it doesn't matter how smart you are. "After attending a few class reunions, we noticed many lady lawyers, doctors and MBAs were still slaving after 40, while lots of less brainy gals were taking long vacations from their day jobs, shopping at Prada and enjoying more than their fair share of hot-stone massages," the authors write. The key? Hitching your wagon to a man with some financial prospects. Or at least not falling head over heels into marriage to a man with none. Lemondrop: Relationship Whoa - No Money Honey

Elizabeth Ford spoke to Lemondrop from her office in Los Angeles, where she is a television producer.

Lemondrop: Why write this book? What prompted it?
Elizabeth Ford: I am a mom and my co-author also had a young son the same age, and we met in the play yard at preschool. She's a physician, and at that time I was working for a syndicated television show, and we were running and gunning and we were noticing that a lot of other mothers were kicking back and spending time with their kids. We were talking about how we both had spent a lot of money on our education and considered ourselves to be these high-powered career women, and yet these other moms who hadn't made these choices had it easier. Who was really smarter? Is it us or is it them? It was like a joke. Who's the smart girl: the girl who's Phi Beta Kappa and got the great job, or the girl who's kicking it as a stay-at-home mom? Daniela especially was like, "This is ridiculous." Lemondrop: Women, Men & Money -- and How It Can Muck Up True Love>

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Written by Kate Ashford for Lemondrop