Links We Love: Fight Right


Fighting can strengthen your marriage and more insights from around the Web.

Every week, we here at Traditional Love bring you our favorite love, marriage and family links from around the Web. This week, we read about fighting, mother-in-laws, being a married college student and more. Did we miss your favorite story of the week? Let us know in the comments.

Fighting can actually make your marriage stronger. And if that's true, my marriage is tough as nails. [CNN

One of your most important relationships is your relationship with your partner's family, which isn't always the smoothest of rides (understatement). But what happens when you bad-mouth your mother-in-law on the internet?* [Lemondrop

With that said, does it even matter what others think about your relationship? [TheFrisky

Often how parents view marriage sets the course for their children's relationship. So, good luck with that Chelsea Clinton. [TresSugar]

What is it like to be married and in college? And is it even a good idea? This writer thinks so and gives us insight into her collegiate nuptials. [CollegeCandyThe Ups and Downs of Marrying Young

Don't let your married sex life lag. Schedule in some afternoon delight. [Glo

Does sleeping apart ruin marriages? Or should people just make their own beds and lie in them (metaphors are confusing)? [SalonLiving Apart: The Key To Wedded Bliss?

Tough times don't have to be a deal breaker for your marriage. Here are some tips for surviving the worst-case scenario. [Project Happily Ever After]

*This writer would like to clarify that her mother-in-law sends her coupons for chicken nuggets. Thereby qualifying as "Best Mother-in-Law Ever."