Is George Clooney Dating A Druggie?

George Clooney Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis is alleged to have taken cocaine alongside of prostitutes.

Uh, oh, Elisabetta Canalis. What have you done? According to many reports, the 31-year-old Italian model and former showgirl was this close to doing the impossible: marrying George Clooney.

However, now that she’s accused of having done cocaine with hookers in 2008, will George still make her his wife? Should George Clooney Settle Down?

According to E!, Elisabetta is "distraught" over the allegations by a French prostitute who has testified that they did drugs together at two different nightclubs in Milan in 2008. The clubs they frequented reportedly hired "models" to provide drugs and sexual favors to their rich clientele, and 5 people have been arrested in connection with the drug and prostitution bust.

Supposedly, George, who has not exactly lived the life of a choir boy himself, is standing by her, but both have remained mum about the allegations. George Clooney's 9 Love Lives

This isn't the first time that Elisabetta has been plagued by drug rumors either. During the same year that she is now accused of hanging with ho's, Elisabetta gave an interview to Italian Vanity Fair, proclaiming her innocence:

"Obviously whoever is putting these rumors out there succeeded in his intention to discredit me...I've never used any drug. I've never even smoked weed. But in the entertainment business, if you ignore the phone call of some powerful character you will have to pay for it and nothing works better than mean gossip."

Could it be possible that somewhere a conniving cocktail waitress/actress is conspiring to keep George single and break him and Elisabetta up?