What if your friends don't like your girlfriend?


Its common knowledge that not everyone gets along, despite all those
lessons in kindergarten about how getting along with everyone is very
important. But what happens when the friction happens between your best
buddies and your new girlfriend? When stuck between a rock and a hard
place, what does one do?

On one hand you have your friends who have been there for you through
thick and thin and in all likelihood are just trying to look out for
you. But then again you also have your girlfriend who you clearly care
enough to label your girlfriend. My first tip is to try and reach a
compromise with your girlfriend telling them how important your friends
are to you and that you’d like to be able to spend some time with them,
as your sure shed like to spend some time with her girls. That may work
for some time but invariably your girlfriend will want to meet your
friends in order to learn more about you and also to do something with
you that you enjoy. After all your friends are as much a part of your
life as she is. If however your friends are the ones that are reluctant
to meet her, by no means should you tell her that. It will only wind up
with her resenting the time you spend with them and make her feel bad
about herself. Try and talk to your friends and convince them to be
nice. Go somewhere like a bar or club where everyone can decide how much
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