Did Levi Johnston Knock Up Someone Else?

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National Enquirer claims Bristol Palin's fiance is set to become a dad again, and not with her.

Just weeks after getting engaged for the second time, Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin, parents of 18-month-old Tripp, might be on the rocks, because an ex-girlfriend of Levi's is pregnant and he might be the father. The National Enquirer is reporting that while Bristol and Levi were broken up, Levi reunited with another ex, 19-year-old Lanesia Garcia, who's now up the stick—and isn't quite sure who got her that way. If there's one thing you can definitely say about these particular Alaskans, it's that they sure are fertile. Is Bristol Palin Pregnant Again?

Bristol is reportedly furious that Lanesia's pregnancy could derail her camo-swathed wedding plans. "[Bristol] just found out about Lanesia's pregnancy and is freaking out," a source tells the Enquirer. "[Levi] told her that getting back with Lanesia wasn't serious—it was brief, just a fling and ended months ago. But Bristol is questioning the engagement. She's really jealous. Lanesia's planning to do a paternity test after the baby is born. She's extremely embarrassed she doesn’t know who the father is." Levi Johnston: Dear Palins, Sorry For The Lies

We'd be embarrassed, too. Seriously, do they not teach math or comprehensive sex ed in Wasilla? There's no word from the mother-to-be in the Enquirer's report, nor comment from super-inseminator Levi, but we'd venture a guess that mother of the bride Sarah Palin is just rubbing her hands together in glee that her daughter might not be harnessing herself to Levi after all. Bristol Palin's New Take On Sex-Ed

Lanesia told the tabloids back in 2008 that Bristol broke up her three-year relationship with Levi; the two women were apparently childhood best friends until Levi came between them. During Sarah Palin's vice-presidential campaign, Lanesia told Britain's News of the World, itself not the most reputable rag in the business, "I never dreamt she was capable of doing that to me. But when I called her she just said, 'I'm so sorry, I couldn't help it. Levi and I are together now and I think he's the man for me.' I put the phone down and have not talked to her since. I was distraught for a year." Levi Johnston Talks to Tyra About Bristol

She seems to have recovered well. If there's anyone we feel sorry for in this situation, it's another kid born into this ridiculous soap opera. We wonder how Levi will support the second baby, if in fact it's his—seems like his only remaining cash flow source would be actual porn. In any case, NATO needs to air-drop a crate of Trojans onto the Mat-Su Valley, as a humanitarian gesture, because honestly.

Via The National Enquirer and Celebitchy. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.