Ed Westwick And Pals Ostracize Jessica Szohr


Gossip Girl castmates are going all Mean Girls and picking sides between Ed and Jess.

Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr's spring breakup is affecting their Gossip Girl costars now that the show is back in production. The New York Post's Page Six reports that Ed "is heartbroken and wants nothing to do with" Jessica, and that he's "alienated Jessica from the rest of the cast." Which is totally something Chuck Bass would do, so we don't know why anyone is surprised.

Ed and Jessica split in April after almost two years of dating, and the word at the time was that Ed heard from friends that Jessica had been flirting with a dude named Marco Minuto while vacationing in London. (And if you followed that sentence with ease, congratulations, and please turn off your computer and go read a book.) He dumped her over the phone and has apparently spent the past four months sulking in an opium den with a bunch of hookers...no, wait, that's Chuck. Splitsville: April's Most Devastating Breakups

Ed has spent the summer bromancing with Chace Crawford and the rest of his Gossip Girl pals, and plotting ways to destroy Jessica's life, like paying the hair and makeup departments over at XOXO to make her look like she was left out in the rain all night and then just threw on whatever she found in Mary-Kate Olsen's reject pile. On second thought, they've been styling her like that for years. So we guess his revenge is just making plans without her. Should Leighton Meester And Ed Westwick Date?

Jessica was reportedly the only member of the cast not in attendance at Chace's birthday party last week (OOOH, BURN), and missed out on a cozy dinner Ed and Chace had with Blake Lively and Penn Badgley Thursday. All of which probably makes for a really comfortable atmosphere on-set now that the cast has reassembled to film season four. Well, maybe Jessica can hang out with raccoon-eyed ragamuffin Taylor Momsen and soak up some more of her pearls of faux-punk wisdom.

Via The New York Post. Photo of happier times via Bauer-Griffin.