Jon Hamm Likes The Unmarried Life

Jon Hamm and longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt

Jon Hamm loves his girlfriend, but won't be getting married or having kids anytime soon.

In Sunday's long-awaited season premiere of Mad Men, we discovered a different Don Draper—something of a sad sack who just can't get his act together. But Don's failed marriage isn't something his portrayer, Jon Hamm, expects to ever experience, since the tall, dark and handsome actor has revealed that he can't see himself ever walking down the aisle.

But don't get too excited, ladies. Jon isn't spreading himself around Hollywood like Gerard Butler. He's been with his girlfriend, actress Jennifer Westfeldt, for 13 years and has no interest in any Don Draper-style extracurricular activities. Jon and Jennifer are just one of the ever-growing number modern couples who have decided that they don't need "a piece of paper" to prove their commitment.

I don’t have the marriage chip, and neither of us have the greatest examples of marriages in our families. But Jen is the love of my life, and we’ve already been together four times longer than my parents were married. [Source: Parade, via Monsters and Critics]

Jon's aversion to marriage could have something to do with his family history: his parents divorced when he was two, and his mother died when he was just 10. His father, who died when Jon was 20, was a "smoking, drinking and hard-living" guy who later become the model for his dark and brooding Mad Men character.

Losing his parents at such a young age may also be the reason that Jon is in no hurry to have kids of his own. Or it could just be that he likes his life with Jennifer the way it is. He explains, "I like kids. But I also like the option to close the door. Becoming a parent is a whole other life, and it doesn’t stop."

Yeah, it's like Meg Ryan said in When Harry Met Sally, they can have sex on the kitchen floor if they want. And we'll leave you with that—the image of Jon Hamm naked on a kitchen floor. You're welcome.

Photo: Bauer-Griffin.