Askmen Survey Reveals Men Are Traditional Daters

happy man giving thumbs up with woman in bed

In fact, most men aren't hooker-happy, wouldn't cheat and prefer to break-up face to face.

After reading countless articles about Tiger Woods, Jesse James and various married politicians in dingy hotels spawning love children, sometimes it's tough to remember that not all men are philandering scumbags scouring escort services on their lunch break. In fact, the results from's latest love/relationship survey revealed that most guys—or at least the 100,000 surveyed—purport to be fairly traditional and straight-laced. Survey: Men Prefer Quality TV Over Sex

For starters, oldest profession aside, when asked: Is it ever OK to pay for sex? Half of American guys answered with a resounding "No." Only 12 percent thought it was "always OK" and the rest were caught in the gray areas of "last resort" or "only for a crazy sexual experience that wouldn't present itself otherwise."

Also surprising? A whopping 80 percent said a breakup should be face-to-face, with only 4 percent in favor of the dumping by text. So keep that in mind next time Goody McBoyfriend can't even extend the effort to pick up the phone, let alone send a flippant text, to end things. Text Message Flirting For Beginners

Reassuringly, almost 80 percent said it's "not at all likely" or "not very likely" they'd cheat even if assured their partners wouldn't find out. The motivating factor? Guilt. But this doesn't stop the male fantasy factory—75 percent fantasize or have fantasized about their partner's friends, which is perhaps why a threesome is the number one male fantasy with 63 percent saying they'd like to try it (however only 14 percent actually have) with anal sex in the second spot at 19 percent. While these fantasies might seem vanilla to us ladies, almost half say their partners don't know about all their dirty daydreams and only a sad 13 percent are currently fully content with their sex lives.

On a bright note, men are more than happy to take charge of ceasing reproduction with over 60 percent in favor of male birth control. Which means just one thing: get on that, science! Male Birth Control May Happen Soon