Eddie Cibrian And Kids Shack Up With LeAnn Rimes

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Eddie and his boys move into LeAnn's house to save money.

Eddie Cibrian and his two sons are moving in with Eddie's girlfriend of two years, LeAnn Rimes, allegedly to save money since Eddie got laid off from CSI: Miami last month. A source tells E! Online that Eddie and his sons, seven-year-old Mason and three-year-old Jake, are moving to LeAnn's house in Calabasas, California, next week: "Mason is moving into the dog's old room, and Jake is moving into LeAnn's office." Well, we do like a recession-conscious celebrity!

LeAnn's divorce from her husband of seven years, Dean Sheremet, was finalized last month, but Eddie's split from the boys' mother, Brandi Glanville, doesn't look like it will conclude any time soon. Kids, of course, make divorces more complicated, but there's also the nasty back-and-forth between the estranged spouses in the mix. Brandi has not been quiet in her role as the scorned woman, and Eddie filed papers in December accusing her of physical and verbal abuse. LeAnn Rimes Is A "Stalker" And Homewrecker?

The move won't be too much of a change for the boys; LeAnn's house is just a few blocks from the home Eddie and Brandi shared. Which is a little Fatal Attraction–y, we think. LeAnn seems to be adapting well to her new role as an almost stepmother, though. Earlier this month she told CMT, "My boyfriend has two children who are seven and three, so I'm helping take care of them and raise them, which is amazing and something I totally didn't expect to have in my life. I cook a lot, do a lot of laundry. It's grounding for me ... Changing diapers is grounding!" LeAnn Rimes' Husband Supporting Cibrian's Wife

Gosh, we love when famous people discover things the poors do every day, like washing dishes and Swiffering. It just makes them so much more relatable, you know? Like when their dog has its own room and they magnanimously bestow said room upon their boyfriend's kid. Regular stuff like that.

Via E! Online. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.