Science Says Men Who Cheat Are Dummies

man in dunce cap
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A study in London shows that smart dudes just don't cop to infidelity.

Stop me if you've heard this one: Men who cheat are misogynist pigs who wish they could just club women over the head and drag them back to their lair to have their way with them. Totally over-blowing it, right? Not so black-and-white, right? Sometimes there are circumstances, right? You can't expect powerful, charming and rich men to just turn it off, right? Whatever your stance on male infidelity, know this: men who cheat aren't the sharpest tools in the shed (though some of them are tools in general).

Per the Daily Mail, scientists—with their slide rules, control groups and animal torture—have discovered that men who cheat aren't very smart. And it's not just because every now and again, you'll get a woman who won't be ignored, may boil your rabbit or who plans on having your illegitimate baby even if she has to kill your wife and kidnap your child.

One scientist—a man who goes by the handle Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa and who is an evolutionary psychologist with the London School of Charts and Graphs (I keeed, it's the London School of Economics and Political Science)—believes that menfolk have traditionally been "mildly polygamous." But his theory is that, in a society that appreciates faithfulness, smarter men will adapt and not bang ladies other than their wives (assuming they are married). The less evolved fellow will, in his estimation, spend more time thinking with his dong. Does Men's Biology Make Them Cheat?

There's an ironic twist to Dr. Kanazawa's findings, too: people way into religion (in this study) were less smart than people who were not at all religious (in this study); ergo, people way into religion are more likely to cheat.

Now the real rubadubdoo: anecdotally, we know that powerful men cheat. However, powerful men are generally pretty smart. Assuming that all of the above is true blue continental, do powerful men, by hook, crook or book, exist just outside of culture? Why Powerful Men Cheat

Thoughts? Is Dr. Kanazawa onto something? Is fidelity impossible to quantify? Is conformity to societal norms something that smart people do but VERY smart people disdain? Do you think IQ is a bullsh measurement?