Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow For Marriage Advice


Follow these Tweeps for insight and advice into your marriage.

Marriage isn't some simple happily ever after. Sure, there are those happy moments, but there are the other times when you need to make sure that you aren't the only ones throwing knives at each other over the laundry. For those moments and for the happy ones, we have a list of top 10 tweeps, who tweet about marriage. And while we are on the subject, if you aren't following Traditional Love on Twitter then get on it! We tweet marriage news and our latest posts. 

1.  @foryourmarriage

A site dedicated to making your marriage last. What could be better? There is also a fabulous website with tips and advice for having a happy and holy marriage. 

Sample Tweet: A successful marriage is one in which you fall in love many times many times, always with the same person. 

2.  @hitchedmedia

@HitchedMedia is the Twitter account of Steve Cooper, co-founder and editor of Hitched, a magazine devoted to the married life. Steve tweets articles and retweets blog posts with information that will help you with your relationship.

Sample Tweet: Date your husband or wife!!! Enjoy each other this weekend. Have fun! 

3. @LisaKiftTherapy

Therapist, marriage educator and mom, this tweep is dedicated to healthy relationships. She's also a self-professed "scrappy volleyball player." Awesome.

Sample Tweet: Do you and your partner honor the "You," "Me" and "We" in your relationship? 

4. @marriagetoday

Tweeting marriage tips and advice. These Tweeps have a passion for helping your family succeed.

Sample Tweet: Every time you get annoyed with your spouse's bad habits, first take a moment to examine your own flaws and address them. #marriagetip

5.  @TheMarryBlogger

We may be biased since he blogs for Traditional Love, but we just can't get enough of Stu Gray's down-to-earth take on love, life and family.

Sample Tweet: Gettin my chalupa on with my wife. (@ Taco Bell Cool Springs)