Taylor Momsen Prefers Vibrators To Men

Taylor Momsen

The 17-year-old 'Gossip Girl' actress shocks people with her vibrator confession.

Taylor Momsen was just a sweet, 14-year-old girl when she first burst onto the scene as little Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, but three years later, Taylor is anything but shy, wearing underwear and stripper heels on stage, smoking cigarettes, and talking trash about her fellow teen idols.

And, now, in a move that's sure to make a lot of pre-tweens ask 'what's a vibrator?,' Taylor has opened up to Disorder Magazine about her sex life. Taylor Hearts Chace Off-Camera

"She also grins when asked if she’s single, and replies that she is, that she’s not into guys, waits a beat, then adds she’s not gay but just bored of men and her best friend is her vibrator," reports the magazine via Dlisted.com.

Perhaps all of the recent Courtney Love comparisons have gotten to her, and she felt compelled to explain why she doesn't have a Kurt Cobain-like rocker boyfriend to complete her badass image? Get Some Gossip Girl Action

As expected, the media has jumped all over Taylor's quote, with Perez Hilton even going to so far as to Tweet her a photo of a dildo. Still, we at least are happy that the 17-year-old isn't promoting, say, oral sex, to her mostly under-aged fan base. Keep in mind that you can't get an STD from a Hitachi Magic Wand.