Kate Winslet Is Dating A Hunky Male Model

Kate Winslet

Sorry, Sam Mendes. It looks like Kate has moved on from you.

It looks like the rumors about Kate Winslet reuniting with ex-husband Sam Mendes were just wishful thinking because Kate has already moved on! According to the News of the World via Celebitchy.com, Kate is rebounding from her former spouse with a British Burberry model named Louis Dowler, whom she met through mutual friends and has been dating for several months now.

Unlike her ex, who is 10 years older than her, Kate and Louis are both 34 and are said to be "inseparable." Kate Winslet And Sam Mendes Are Divorcing: Oh No!

A source tells the News of the World: "Louis has been spending a lot of time with Kate recently and they were in New York together while he was shooting an advert...They’ve been on lots of dates and get on really well. It’s early days for them but they enjoy each other’s company...They have been desperate to keep the relationship under wraps so they’ve been a bit low-key so far."

"Louis has a good sense of humor and really is a lovely guy...He loves to surf and he’s really quite engaging and very down-to-earth. He’s a good looking guy and gets lots of attention when he’s out and about - but he’s not your typical model. Not at all big-headed," added the insider. Kate Winslet, Sam Mendes Sharing House Of Horrors

While Louis is definitely a nice piece of eye candy (See photos of him here), we wonder if he is someone that Kate is considering dating for the long-haul or simply a handsome guy to distract her while she gets through her divorce? In the past, Kate has tended to date/marry directors (In addition to Sam, she was also previously married to director Jim Threapleton) so it’s nice to see her with a different type of a guy! 

Photo Credit: Celebitchy/Bauer-Griffin