The Fat Bride Also Can Become A Beautiful Bride

The Fat Bride Also Can Become A Beautiful Bride

1, Modified arms and shoulders
Wear in the correct method:
Want to modify the fat arms and shoulders bride fonts are sure to choose a
wedding dresses, material more stiffness, a more sedate color design. That is, block the effect of fat on arms and shoulders of the meat can be modified, in addition, the design of high waist can be hidden fat on the waist, stretch waist ratio, mermaid wedding dresses design, up the physique also allows the body highlights lines.
2, Modified waist
Wear the correct method:
High waist fat wedding is undoubtedly the bride's exactly the same choice of
cheap wedding dresses will let loose a little fat bride expansion of the body looks more sense, but not particularly close to the body style selected, only the so-called loose material on the designer wedding dresses , design simplicity, should not not be a Sha Zhi.
Such as waist in the middle of the chest and waist, so that you can fall to the waist can be hidden in the skirt below the meat. Can choose to decorate the wedding waist line or a bridesmaid dresses, you can play to reduce the visual effect of obesity, because obesity Department will use the line stretched, so there is less on the obvious fat.
3 Modified lower body
Wear celebrity dresses in the correct method:

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