Do we really lose it in our 30s?

Do we really lose it in our 30s?
So while hanging out with some of the most wonderful ladies I know last night, an interesting conversation started. It was all about how some thing seems to change in a woman some where in her 30s. Apparently a lot of women go threw divorces during this time, or just become very discontent. It was speculated in this group of women that some where in the thirties is when women start to wonder how much life they have left. Which I give much merit to, since at 33 I have began to wonder how much time I have left on this earth. Which have brought on more questions of have I lived the best life I could, am I where I should be in life, do those close to me know how much I love them. It is like a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions when it starts. Then this is likely the time that a woman's children are getting close to grown, which brings on a pre-empty nest time of emotion. The kids are at home for just a few more years, but they don't particularly need you the way they used to. It brings about a certain sadness to know that you don't have much longer to hear all the giggles in the hall way, the laughter outside, and yes, even the arguments. It leaves you feeling as if your children don't need you then who does? You have put so much of your time and your energy into making sure that they were happy, healthy, and ready to stand on their own two feet, that some where along the way you lost a little of who you thought you were. That combined with the fear of did I prepare them well enough can be exhausting on a woman's mind.
Now throw in the marriage that has underwent its own changes over the years. From my understanding it is usually a pretty good relationship, but it has become very relaxed. It pretty much runs itself with daily habits, and limited conversation, and it becomes so much of the same thing every day that the little things that we used to enjoy so much, just seem, mundane! I think that is the word I'm looking for. Thoughts of the past haunt your mind, and you long for that happiness again. You love your husband, there's no doubt about that, but where's the sizzle, where's the spark? We rummage through a thousand thoughts of how to get back to where we were, or to make it better than it ever has been before.
It's like being trapped in your own mind, and not being able to stop all the thoughts that come crashing in on you all at once. I hope this doesn't mean that we all lose our minds during this phase in our lives. I like to think I'm not losing it, I'm reorganizing my priorities. That any woman going threw this tough time can get threw it with enough support, and yes, some space to think it out on her own, will over come this trying adventure of the mind with time. Not only will she over come it, but she will come out the other side a better version of her previous self.