Links We Love: Too Young To Marry?


How young is too young to marry? And other links we love.

Every week, we here at Traditional Love round up the top love and marriage links of the week. Here they are, fresh for your enjoyment. 

According to this blog post over at Engaged Marriage, I probably shouldn't have married at 22. [Engaged Marriage]

Does A.D.H.D affect your marriage? No...oh, SHINY! [CNN]

"85% of men surveyed said they believe in the institution of marriage, and one out of three said they would only pursue a relationship with a woman who was “wife” material." Awesome. [Orlando Sentinel]

Did you miss the Smart Marriages conference? No need to fear. Melanie Gorman brings us a round up of the top 12 marriage tips from the conference. [The Huffington Post]

Would you marry a vampire? Probably not, but sometimes I think I am married to the Unabomber. Does that count? [Confessions of a Young Married Couple]

Glamour rounds up the top wedding styles they hope will never come back. To that I say, I actually kinda like wedding bonnets. [Glamour]

Project your love, for real. A wedding ring that when illuminated projects slides of the happy couple. Perfect for all those nerds in love. [Neatorama]

The number one thing couples fight over is money. Money and your husband's socks on the floor *grumbles*. Here are some tips for solving the money problems at least. [Hitched Mag]

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