David Boreanaz Accused Of Sexual Harassment

David Boreanaz

The 'Bones' star is accused of harassing an extra on his TV show.

It's safe to say that if David Boreanaz's marriage wasn't over when he admitted to having an affair with Jaime Bergman or when his wife heard about his alleged affair with Tiger Woods' mistress Rachel Uchitel, these latest allegations might just finally do their relationship in.

According to E! Online, aspiring actress Kristina Hagan has a bone to pick with the TV star and has hired celeb lawyer Gloria Allred to help her do it. The two filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Boreanaz, 41, alleging that he promised to advance Hagan's career in exchange for sexual favors.

Hagan was working as an extra on Bones when Boreanaz first approached her. Using the oldest pick-up line in Hollywood, he supposedly asked for her headshot. Later, he informed her that he could help her career since he was "the boss" (Um, aren't the producers usually the bosses on a TV show and not the actors?) and sent her numerous "sexually inappropriate messages" as well as a cell-phone shot of his penis. David Boreanaz Cheated On His Wife

In addition to the celluar harassment, Boreanaz also offered to give Hagan a ride (in more ways than one) and drove her to a park where he supposedly tried to force himself on her, until Hagan pushed him away.

Later that month, he also attempted to "put the moves on her" in his trailer on set.

For his part, Boreanaz's rep has made a statement that all of the allegations are totally "fabricated and absurd" and that the lawsuit has no validity to it. 

Hagan, however, is playing up the 'naive, wronged woman' card effectively.

"She is an actress who is working toward her goals, but who like many  other actresses has not yet been able to achieve them," said Allred. "For that reason, she is extremely vulnerable as many actresses are in Hollywood."

Do you hear that, young, aspiring starlets? You better watch out when you're around a good-looking actor on a hit TV show!