Online And In Real Life: Why Guys Are So Different


Here's an inside look into a single guy's personal dating hell.

Have we met?

If you find me charming, funny and confident, then the answer is no. Although, we might have emailed. Why? Because in terms of personality, I'm Don Draper ... electronically. In the flesh? Not so much. Lemondrop: The Creepy Reason Why Your Online Date Isn't As Cool IRL

Welcome to my personal hell.

Here's the deal: When I email a gal, I'm imbued with all these crazy powers. Confidence! Wit! Charm! On my Powerbook or my iPhone, I'm George Clooney at a cocktail party. On a date, without my assorted Apple products, I become ... the Mac guy. Lemondrop: Great Male Survey Results Provide Insight Into World Of Dudes

It's my own personal cross to bear.

Now, aside from the fairly obvious reasons I might seem better "on paper" than in person (I'm a writer, I'm a Taurus-Gemini cusp, I'm not distracted by the presence of your boobs, etc.) is that I'm too good at the big email build-up. It may be that my sense of comic timing from faceless G-chatting is so well honed that I never live up to the expectations I've created.

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Written by [Redacted] Guy for Lemondrop.