Best Of The Web: Love Letters & Donating Eggs


Simple outfits, winning YOU back and the third date.

It's another weekend and it's time to figure out what the rest of the web has to offer in terms of good love content. Sometimes, they get it right.

Em & Lo ( break down the dangers of egg donation, great info for people who are looking to earn some cash or help less fertile family out. This was a real eye-opener for me, I didn't realize women laid eggs. How Couples Cope With Infertility

On the topic of motherhood, CafeMom has a few really simple outfits that dudes find attractive. May change your wardrobe… Then again, nakey is about as simple it gets.

Speaking of clothing, Guyism has 9 ways in which modern women have it better than modern bros. True all the way around, we can still tinkle standing up…

In general, things ARE looking up for modern ladies. Per Lemondrop, up to 49% of ladies earn as much or more than their husbands. I really have to get in better shape, if I'm to be some woman's trophy husband.

And is there any bigger guy trophy than a girl-guy-girl three-way? Yes. But a threesome is pretty high on most guy's lists. Asylum has a lady's take on the ménage a trois.

And then there were three, the crew at The Plunge has a theory that it's the third date that makes or breaks it. The have a list of third date faux pas that you have to read. I mean NOW. Sex On The Third Date: Yes Or No?

My good friend Simone Grant has a moment of doubt after a third date. Maybe the third date is the last time the Irish Goodbye is acceptable. Make it SO!

Sure, after three dates someone is not an ex but to segue to a post from The Frisky we can pretend. Those guys have a very interesting question: what could your ex do to get YOU back? I suppose "stop being a total manipulative, controlling slag" isn't a real answer.

The best and worst way to win someone back is a love letter, right? No? Whatever. Dr. Cara Barker for the Huffington Post talks about the importance of putting your feelings into words. Please don't write poetry. Modern-Day Love Letters: 7 Celebrity Authors

Love letters are great for breaking up the status quo that can come from cohabitation. But before you move-in, Leftos wants to know if can handle your special someone's pets.

In homage to our 7 traits of an irresistible man, College Candy has the 5 traits of an irresistible college dude, which I think you can probably stretch until you're 25 or 26 if you have a baby face. At my age, some of this stuff starts to be less charming though I assume women find my PlayStation skills very attractive.

Finally, my pal Lost Plum has a very interesting story of faith, perseverance and very inopportune bed-wedding. Dating Disaster: A Guy, A Girl, Her Gas

Have a great weekend and hit me with links that should make the cut.

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