Text May Prove Oksana Blackmailed Mel Gibson

Text May Prove Oksana Blackmailed Mel Gibson

We aren't saying Oksana's a golddigger, but Mel Gibson's ex is looking like an extortionist.

Ok so we're not excusing Mel Gibson's abusive and disturbing tirades, which went public this month when audiotapes of the star threatening his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva were leaked. But it doesn't look like Oksana, who accused Gibson of domestic violence, is exactly innocent either. Mel Gibson Gets Restraining Order Against Babymama

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a text message Grigorieva sent Mel, along with several e-mails, may help Gibson's attorney prove that she attempted to use the incriminating tapes to extort money from the actor.
On Wednesday, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department confirmed they're investigating Grigorieva, further indicating that there may be some truth to claims from Mel's camp that the Russian singer has been trying to take Mel to town all along. Mel Gibson Demands Paternity Test
In fact, court records reveal that before leaking the tapes, Grigorieva agreed to a $15 million settlement from Gibson, which her attorney, Manley Freid, initially failed to disclose to the court. The judge for the case, later reprimanded Freid, saying she found the lawyer's behavior and consequent justification "troubling" and "very disturbing".
Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that a text message Gibson sent Grigorieva, admitting he "wasn't safe for [her]" will be used as evidence in the domestic abuse case against the Oscar winner. Although it's clear what all these text messages and allegations mean for the ex-couples' bitter custody battle over their daughter, Lucia, at this point, it's not looking good for either parent. Mel Gibson Isn't Dead Or Fleeing The Country
But for now, it's just another day, of "he said, she said" in the out-of-control Gibson/Grigorieva saga. 
Via Hollywood Reporter and New York Post. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.