Kate Major Claims Michael Lohan Abused Her

Michael Lohan and Kate Major
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Michael Lohan says he never touched his fiancee and that the wedding is still on.

Kate Major filed a police report yesterday, alleging that fiance Michael Lohan pushed her over a chair and kicked her in the face during a fight on Monday. Kate says that she sought medical attention and has pictures of her injuries.

Michael denies any physical violence, but admits that he and Kate argued. According to him, Kate was jealous that he asked two of Tiger Woods' mistresses—Rachel Uchitel and Joslyn James—to appear in his upcoming Web reality show, Celebrity House. Michael also claimed that Kate "went crazy" on Wednesday, when she heard a rumor that he'd checked into his L.A. hotel (where he's staying while daughter Lindsay Lohan is in jail) with another woman.

While his above statements imply that Kate filed a "phony" police report out of anger, Michael also suggests that Kate might have done it for money. (We guess he means "exclusive interview" money.) Michael told RadarOnline, "I tried to speak with Kate this morning because I found out Kate drained one of our bank accounts and now she won’t call me back." And he told TMZ, "She has no money, no job and she's been living off of me for the last 8 months...and her dad just cut her off."

Despite all of this nonsense, when asked if the couple still planned to marry later this year, he replied, "I see no reason why the wedding wouldn’t still be on." Really? Uhhhhkayy.

Kate has so far refused to comment, but some of her pals say that her injuries are real and that she is "terrified" of Michael. One source claims, "I've been in their presence when they fight and he’s threatened Kate's life on more than one occasion." These friends also refute Michael's claims that Kate was jealous of anyone on Celebrity House, adding, "The show isn’t even going to happen because they can’t find anyone to finance it." (From your mouth to God's ears, anonymous source.)

Scoop: RadarOnline and TMZ. Photo: Fame Pictures.