A New Webzine Dedicated To Gay Marriage


Equally Wed could be the go-to for same-sex marriage help.

When people think of gay folks spending money, they generally think of a gay man in fashion whose partner is a titan of advertising and, because they are very successful and have no kids, have cash to burn. Well, friend, that is not always the case. Sometimes gay men work in retail or as cowboys and aren't rich. Likewise, most lesbians aren't motorcycle enthusiasts or the playthings of daytime talk show hostesses. For the most part, they're just like regular old hetero couples except it's more likely they share clothing, vote Democrat and have a few distinct matrimonial needs.  Gay Marriage Would Increase CA Spending

You see, the marriage industry isn't always as mutable as you'd like. That's where this NY Times tidbit could come in handy, profiling two broads from East Point, GA (it's in SW Atlanta) who have decided to make a difference. Kristen and Maria Palladino had one devil of a time getting everything lined up for their nuptials and decided that others may also need a point in the right direction. To that end, they created Equally Wed, a web-zine dedicated to the gay marriage niche.

And, as the country's newspaper-of-record reports, part of the impetus for creating this new venue was the unavailability of men's suits cut for ladies, though there were a handful of tuxedo-ed women dancing with each other in LA Confidential. A quick googling of "women wearing tuxedos" reveals a number of companies moving gal-tuxes, but it's likely the Peach State doesn't have many outlets for those companies.

Which brings up the really interesting point of the Equally Wed project, how many businesses are based on providing information about services that are illegal in the state in which the business is based? To my knowledge, it's only High Times and Equally Wed (it's a good-looking, well-written site) ever since the economy shut down I Sat In Gum magazine.

Thoughts, other than same-sex marriage is pretty gay?